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Class of 1980 Memorial Books Program

The Class of 1980 Memorial Books Program allows us to memorialize deceased members of our class by donating a book in their names to the Dartmouth College Library. Our class joins over forty other Dartmouth classes who remember their classmates with this program. Here’s how it works for each deceased classmate. The Dartmouth Library will select a book, place a bookplate with our classmates name near the front cover, and place the book in library’s permanent collection. This is a meaningful way to remember each classmate, and their families will be notified as soon as books have been selected. When available the the book titles will be posted beside each classmate’s name below. The class is committing funds for this program from class dues. Individual contributions can also be made online on the Class Dues page or by mailing a check to our Treasurer Joe Mannes(payable to Class of 1980). Please include a note that indicates your support of the Memorial Books Program.

We honor and remember our classmates who are no longer with us. Please take a minute to read Wade Herring’s wonderful 35th Reunion Memorial Service remarks.

Obituaries for highlighted names have been linked.


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Douglas R. Bangs (5/21/1984) Artists and Empire: Facing Britain’s Imperial Past edited by Alison Smith, David Blayney Brown, and Carol Jacobi

Jack D. Bardfeld (2/14/2000) Cuba: Black and White by Anna Mia Davidson

Iain J. Beveridge (1/3/1995) The Psychological Portrait: Marcel Sterberger’s Revelations in Photography by Jacob Loewentheil

John F. Brennan Jr. (10/28/91) Villas of Lucas: The Delights of the Countryside by Maria Adriana Giusti

Katherine B. Campbell (5/17/1986) Social Neuroscience: Biological Approaches to Social Psychology edited by Eddie Harmon-Jones and Michael Inzlicht

Kevin R. Crotty (9/11/2001) The Digital Difference: Media Technology and the Theoryof Communication Effects by W. Russell Neuman

Brian P. Dale (9/11/2001) American Indian Stories of Success: New Visions of Leadership in Indian Country by Gerald E. Gipp, Linda Sue Warner, Janine Pease, and James Shanley

Benjamin L. Davis, Jr. (12/23/1977) Why Don’t American’s Vote? Causes and Consequences by Bridgett A. King

Joseph Devlin (4/1/2015) Unruly Nature: The Landscapes of Theodore Rousseau by Scott Allan and Edouard Kopp

Brice Dowaliby (7/13/1994)  The Task of the Cleric: Cartography, Translation,  and Economics in the Thirteenth Century Iberia by Simone Pinet

Wendy Atwater Fayen (7/14/2007) After Caravaggio by Michael Fried

James A. Foote (12/3/1981) Imagining the Jew in Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture edited by Samantha Zacher

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